Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day. A few years ago this day was nothing more to me then good sales and a 4 day weekend. Now that my life is so intricately entwined with the military and I see first hand what these men and women go through, this day means so much more. Allot of people don't, and cant understand what our Troops face, and what their families deal with. Its easy to take for granted the sacrifices made on battlefields we have never seen. In a way, sometimes those war stories seem like just that...stories. But they aren't. They are real, with real names and faces. Real sacrifices, real patriotism. I get the privilege of loving one of those men. And yes its very much a privilege.
So today, take time to remember and pray for those special people. Whether or not you "support" this war, they are still making sacrifices, everyday, for your freedoms.

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