Saturday, November 15, 2008

This is me

Ne who...I decided that I need, well wanted to post something that allowed people to see me, and know where I stand and what i believe. This is me, and once again if you dont like it...tough.
1. I am a Blood bought, born again, God fearin', Bible Believin' Red neck Baptist!!! and I am Darn Proud of it!!!!
2. I am a Conservative Republican...while I dont agree with everything the Government or the President does, I do believe that we need to get back to the principles this country was founded on, the ones that men paid for with their blood and are still do so today, and stop worrying about being so durn PC.
3. I am NOT "Politically Correct" nor do I ever intend to be.
4. I am SOUTHERN~ I am NOT ignorant, I do NOT eat dirt, I am NOT racist, and I HAVE an education.
5, I am a redneck and proud of it ~ That doesnt mean I live in a trailer with the wheels still attached or that i dont have all my teeth, it dosent mean that I have ever slept with/kissed/ or been attracted to any of my cousins in any way. and All the cars in my yard run.
6. I believe some times the only way to peace is through war~ There is no reasoning with the unreasonable. Call me crazy but strapping explosives to your chest, walking into a crowed mall and blowing yourself along with everyone else up is a little on the unreasonable side of things, not to mention fly a passenger plane in to a building. Some how I just dont see how "diplomatic talks" would have stopped that.
7. I dont believe in gun control~ People seem to think if the laws are tougher then the criminals wont get guns...well I got news for you...if a criminal wants a gun some pesky law isnt going to stop them...HELLO!!! If they cared about laws they wouldnt be criminals. All Gun control does is take away the rights of upright citizens and leave them with no way to protect themselves from the lawless
8. I believe in living every moment likes it your last~ Life's too short for drama, there is nothing sweeter than hearing my little girl laugh or seeing her with her daddy, so I will do all i can to keep things that way.
9. I believe that 97% of the world has gone mad and am beginning to wonder about the last 3%.
10. I believe that if you walk out in front of my car after looking directly at me i should be able to hit you...just a little bump.
11. I believe that to be a good Christian woman dosent mean you have to wear dresses to your ankles, turtle neck, no make up, no jewelry and never gut your hair. what makes you a "good" christian is your relationship with the Lord, and thats all that matters.
12, I dont beileve that everyone should agree on every thing.
13. I Think after you reach a certain age, you need to be an adult and not revert to being 16 when someone offends you.
14. I beileve in hunting, and fishing~ In fact I LOVE deer meat....
15. I believe that teachers and public defenders, and the military men and women are extremely underpaid and that movie stars, ball players, and the rest of the multi million dollar Hollywood crowd are extremely OVERpaid.
16. I believe that nothing will ever change if good people sit idly by and wait for some one else to take a stand for them.
I am sure there are those out there who think me ignorant, or what have you, you go right a head, dosent bother me one bit. I am who I am, I love my husband and my kids, I love to laugh and have good time, I am proud of who I am that is because I have came along hard way to get to this point. I do my best not to judge other people before I know them. And I promise I am not as hard, callous, unfeeling, and serious as you may see me. This is just me.

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