Saturday, September 27, 2008


There is a little girl we know that is in the hospital fighting for her life right now. She contracted e-coli a few weeks ago and it took 3 visits to the ER and insurance confirmation for the Dr's to figure it out. Now she is dealing with kidney failure, has a feeding tube and swelling of the heart. Macy may not live to see her 4th birthday. When we got the update today, My dad suggested we stop what we were doing and pray for her. So as we were sitting in the living room praying I got to thinking about my life. I have two healthy children. There are days I take that for granted, more days than I really would care to admit. As of right now, I have never had to sit and wonder if my baby would make it through the night. Yes, they have been sick before and it worried me but never have they been on the brink of death. I got to thinking about this little girls parents and what they must be going through. I cant even begin to imagine the pain they are dealing with. My heart breaks for them. I thank God with everything I have that I havent had to sit and watch my baby suffer like that. I dont know what the future holds for us and there may come a day where I know that kind of pain...I pray not...but only God knows. But right now i feel so blessed. Sometimes it takes something tragic in our lives or the lives of other we know, for us to see just how blessed we really are. We take so many things for granted on a daily basis. God blesses us all daily and we tend to over look those things. I get sad because my husband is gone...when I should be thanking God for the man that i have. I should be thanking Him for giving me a husband that loves me with all his heart, a man that I never have to wonder about, a man that treats me like a queen even when i deserve anything but. God gave me a man that is willing to stand for something, willing to fight for what he believes in. Yet all I can do is dwell on the fact he has to leave sometimes. I should be thanking God for the time we have together instead of complaining about the time we spend apart. I could go on and on about the things I take for granted everyday. God has been so unbelievably good to me, there just are no words to describe it. But most of all he saved me, He sent His Son to die for me...that in and of itself is more than I ever deserved.
I'll stop now, but please keep Macy in your prayers and when you kiss your kids and your husband next time...remember what God has given you and thank Him.

Friday, September 26, 2008


If you are military and have kids you probably know this, but have you ever noticed the change in your kids, even very young kids, when daddy's away? My husband left about 2 weeks ago...ever since then my 2 year old has been testing me. Doing things she normally doesnt do. Like drawing on her self...this is not normal for Abby. She knows better. This lovely pic of her "art work" was taken the day after he left. Whats even better is when I asked her if she was supposed to draw on herself her answer was "no mommy". i dont know what we are going to do when he leaves on cruise...Zanzax maybe....I realize they are young and dont know how to deal with daddy being here then daddy being gone very well...but its enough to drive mommy nuts.

Now we are in North Carolina. Dont get me wrong, I love being home but sometimes it just adds to the stress. Cuz not only is daddy away but we are not with Mawmaw and Pawpaw 24/7. So its extra hard on mommy to keep up discipline and routines. So far Abby has gone to bed at her normal bed time all of almost 2 weeks. Yay me! Any way...enough "complaining". Its kind of humorous in a way. For instance, I told her no the other day. And she was fine with it until mawmaw came in the was like a light switch got flipped. we went from happy and ok to a meltdown in 2.4 seconds. i just sat there and laughed because it was honestly was sooooo obvious. Zach has been doing well. We are in the process of weaning...he like to in order to save myself an unbelievable amount of pain...we're weaning. He's funny because when he's done with his bottle he throws it. I dont mean just lets go and it drops, I mean this kid chunks the thing as far as possible. He has a surprisingly strong arm for 6 mo.

I bought him his first car yesterday. i had to get something to keep him in one place for more than 2 seconds...he is into EVERYTHING since he became mobile...although he's not a fan of "driving" for works for at least a little while. He still would rather "roam"...why my kid decided to start crawling at 4 months we my never know. All I can say is its because he wants to keep up with his sister. I can tell he misses his daddy too. He is a serious daddy's boy. Any time Josh walks in a room he will break his neck to see him. And heaven forbid Josh doesnt speak to him when he comes in. I think its sweet though, but you can tell that he misses his daddy. I think we will all be much happier when Josh gets home. Ok enough of my ramblings for now.....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not very happy....

For months we have been planning on Josh taking leave the middle of October. We have made plans to see family. His parents are even coming in. His LPO had told him to wait until they were on the boat to rout his request and it would get thats what Josh did (he tried to route it in august). So now they arent going to let him. The master chief said no one is getting to take leave until the holiday POM period. this sooo majorly sucks. It completely screws up everything. Josh needs to go see his grandad. josh hasnt seen him in a long time and he is not doing well. Not to mention they havent seen Zach. This just messes up so much. I mean I know I should expect as much but it still doesnt make it any easier to take. On top of all that Josh has been looking forward to coming home and being able to go hunting. Now, I dont know what we are going to do. .....

The dr appt.

So for the last couple days Zach has had a runny nose. Well yesterday he started girgling and wheezing so I decided to take him to the dr. I dont normally go running the dr everythime one of my kids sneezes but I surely didnt want to risk pneumonia in my infant. So we went today. I really like the dr. She was really good with him and very attentive. Turns out he has a cold and allergies on top of the cold. Plus teeth coming in...all that adds up to a snotty droolly baby. All in all he fine, we got a decongestant to help dry him up so in a few days he should be good as gold.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OCtober 2nd BABY!!

WHOOOHOOO!!! I just found out Nicholas Sparks is going to be in Charlotte on the 2nd for a book signing. I have been wanting to get to one of his book signing since I became a faithful reader of his but he is always in town when i am not...but not this time...I am sooooo gonna be there!! I cant wait...not only am I getting his new book (which ihave been waiting for for what seems like FOREVER) but I am going to have it signed!! YAY

**yes I know i'm a dork but I dont shut up :-) **

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dets suck

One would think that after 4+ years of the Navy and extended separations that I would have gotten used to this by would be wrong. I still hate it when he has to leave. Now I realize that its part of the life, a life I willingly and knowingly signed on for...but it still sucks. Granted, he's only been gone for a week, a relatively short period of time on the military separation time scale but I still miss him and the kids miss him. Thankfully he's only going to be gone a few more weeks...anyone got a FF button? now I'm a blogger

Well, all my friends have a blog so I thought why the heck here I am. We'll see how this goes. I know there will be days i have tons to write about and days I have little to say but so's life. In comparison to others my life probably isn't very exciting...unless you call the everyday misadventures of a toddler and infant exciting...then its a friggin thrill ride. I guess this is really more for me than anyone else...sorry. I think there are times we all just need an outlet so i guess this one is going to be mine.