Monday, September 22, 2008

Dets suck

One would think that after 4+ years of the Navy and extended separations that I would have gotten used to this by would be wrong. I still hate it when he has to leave. Now I realize that its part of the life, a life I willingly and knowingly signed on for...but it still sucks. Granted, he's only been gone for a week, a relatively short period of time on the military separation time scale but I still miss him and the kids miss him. Thankfully he's only going to be gone a few more weeks...anyone got a FF button?


Charlie McCoy said...

Sorry Malinda! I know how hard a military life is. I hope that this time goes by quickly for you and your babies.

Welcome to the world of blogging :) Enjoy!

proud2Bmomma said...

You know your family gets a special "Thank You" hug from my family.